Alien General Update 2

Second update since I started keeping track of my alien general updates… heh. Anyways! Today was just yet another day of sculpting and trying to figure out how to efficiently create clothing folds. They are still a bit elusive but after doing a few characters with a ton of them i’m beginning to understand them. (I think)

Also I began sculpting face detail, started off with some ideas for lumps and just let it flow from there. I wanted him to have something to filter the air on his planet, which I’m not 100% sure about but I think it’s going to be something that’s harmful to humans. I think the character in his face helps build on the idea that he’s a weathered, experienced general.

Also spent some more time sculpting on my ecorche model. We were supposed to do upper arms but I basically resculpted the whole thing. I still have a ton to learn and need to refine this for many, many weeks I think. I’m far from the artist I want to be and I’m just gonna keep working and refining my skills until I get there!



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