Thesis – 5/31/2013

I need to work on my thesis more… Oh, that’s just a mental note and a strong suggestion to myself from.. myself. Anyways, here is the progress on the architect.

I’m concepting what his hard-surface gear is going to be as I go and I think I have a shape i like for his nano-pack but I need to figure out where wires and tubes are going to be flowing for the gun attachment, also how it’s going to harness onto his body.

I have the base for his jacket and pants with some rough sculpts going on right now and I don’t wanna take it much further until I figure out where ammo packs and things of that nature will be. I’m going to force myself to finish all of this during the weekend while I’m finishing up my next miniature for Sword & Board games.

My goal with this sculpt is to have tons of small details and as for the clothing sculpts I’m really going for a less is more approach. I want well formed clothing folds but I don’t want anything over the top complex. Clean, and a lot of pieces. Updates coming soon! Cheers.

Oh, hire me! I want a job!
Thesis Progress

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