Quick post, I’m hard at work at multiple projects in multiple stages and feel torn between so many things! Hard to post and do updated renders all the time. Not sure where some of these artists out there find the drive to do it!

Hellboy Update


I finished most of hellboy’s low poly pieces, I’m missing a belt on his boots and need to tweak his hooves but I was sick of modeling them. His sculpts are simple, large forms with a few small forms added around seams for some nice highly looking detailed areas. I’m utilizing a large seam all over him to bring out with a highlight later in the diffuse, I think it should really bring his look together.Thesis_ProgressI’m not entirely happy with this character at the moment. I’m considering shelving him and really pressing forward with my second character but at the moment I’m just trying to salvage him through texturing. I add things in, remove them, add them, remove them. With NDO I can add in details quickly to his normal maps and remove them just as fast so it’s nice to be able to experiment in a non-destructive manner.


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