Thesis – 2/13/2014

This week has been SUPER hectic. I finished a rather complicated sculpt, took on a new client, worked on my comiccon entry and have some extended family visiting! Oy.. Oh and I need to work on my thesis and finish the last sculpt for another client’s table top game! When does it end?! haha.

First I wanna post an update on my hellboy comiccon entry. I reprojected his normals/occlusion yesterday because I wasn’t happy with his texture. I need to build it all up at once in an intelligent manner. I was just going at it in photoshop and it was getting out of control. Here are his new occlusion/normal maps on his low poly. They came out great!


I’m still working on concepts for my thesis, from my other class I have learned a lot about messing with photoshop quickly to build up concepts from silhouettes and beyond (a skill I was lacking in the worst way prior to this semester) Anyways, I think my new concepts are going in a really fun direction. I’m pulling inspiration from capcom/metal slug/borderlands 2 and combining their ideas with my love for the 80’s. Big hair, big guns, big muscles, hulkamania tank tops! haha. Below are my concepts for the first character, a lean mean fighting machine. The balanced character for the beat ’em up game.

I think there’s a combination somewhere in these concepts that will make for an epic character design. Also don’t forget there will be a huge gun and probably more ammo/grenades.

1 2 3

Don’t forget the miniature I made this week! The last one for 3D Total’s new table top game. I got invited to do an interview about the project so that should be really fun!




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