There is a double-edged sword when working for larger, more professional clients and that’s NDA’s. I’ve been hard at work in Zbrush day in and day out and unfortunately don’t have a lot to show for it as far as portfolio pieces go. Because of this I’ve been blogging and udpating my website less and less! that’s never good! The more traffic the more clients the more I can actually survive in San Francisco! hah.

The school year is drawing to and end and final projects are in progress. Going to be pushing out a large thesis update for Thursday and I’m truly excited for where my characters are heading. Some bad ass stuff is going to be going on in my portfolio soon. Can’t wait to get these bad mother (watch your mouth) into a game engine months from now where they will really come to life.

During the summer I plan on creating at least 10 miniatures, 3-5 game characters for Membraine Studios and a personal project. Sort of a childhood dream of recreating one of the Chrono Trigger stars as a high end game character. Pretty excited but also nervous about my timeline for that piece. Hoping to fall into a groove and really crank him, and the rest of my summer work out. Time to head out and get to work so I can have the update I’ve promised to post for Thursday!

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