Thesis – 12/18/2014


Today marks my last class on campus at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. It’s with mixed feelings that I’m leaving the campus I was so excited to be a part of a year ago. Things change quickly and so do priorities, when I started this semester I never thought I’d be employed at a fantastic company that is teaching me more than I imagined I could in a few months of work.

Now onto my thesis… something that needs to be done by next semester but after this class ends today will be the last thing on my mind until all of my clients are extremely happy. I have been sculpting as quickly as I can on the pieces but I didn’t quite hit my mark this semester. I’ll finish it during the break and begin the long process of bringing these guys to life inside of Marmoset.

Renders below, back to work I go! (After this class)Bubba_JBintz_14 Carver_JBintz_14 Sampson_JBintz_14

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