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Module 7 & 8

I’ve been doing a lot of annoying tests to learn high end work flows for Z brush and game design so I don’t have a lot to show as far as 3D at the moment.. Here are my drawings from the past 5 days. I finished this module of figure drawing right away so I can work on 3D the next few days. Away I go!

Monday Freelance

Hey all, did a sculpt of Prince William in a semi photo realistic style today for some freelance trials. Spent an hour on it. Also, here’s a time lapse of the sculpt I did.


Hey all, another module done and another post for my website! Here is a presentation I made for my history and techniques of game design class. Below that are my drawings from the past few days.

UDK character assignment Update 1

Working on modding UDK and adding a custom character during a summer class. I just started armor yesterday in Zbrush and retopo’d it today in topogun and maya so I can continue detailing and adding more parts. Here’s a quick turntable of it.

Back on track

Finally finished moving, we’re 8 days into our time here in Maryland and it’s been a blast so far, expensive.. but a blast. We’re both working hard in and out of work/college. Here’s my latest exercise for Figure Drawing, I thought it came out well. We are working on rhythm and flowing lines around the edge of a model and following them until they curve inward, giving the model depth; Also,

Module 3 exercise

This module of school is about wrap arounds, line thickness, and over drawing. This is an exercise to practice wrap arounds to give figures form and thickness. Now to do 1 more drawing then pack and clean this townhouse! moving tomorrow! ahhhh!!!

Chad Dodsworth, 1 minute drawing

1 minute drawing of chad I did about 15 minutes ago in our sweltering upstairs.

Fun Sculpt

Well.. I drank to much with the fellas last night. Moving away in 7 days to Maryland with my love 🙂 heh, pretty stoked and school also started Monday. I decided to start sculpting david for fun, I think it’s gonna take some time to get it perfect.. here’s what I did today!

I blocked it out with Zspheres really quickly, then added some mass with the clay tools and began detailing the face thus far. Seeing as how I’m hung over my attention span is about.. 5 minutes, so I will be back later working on it probably.

Busy Tuesday

Running Errands, Faxing things, Cleaning my PC and getting organized for my upcoming MFA career! Back to Z-Brush tomorrow I hope..

Rich Fatty Day 3

Today I’m just goingback in and slowly detailing more and more. While also trying as hard as I can to keep everything smooth and clean. It involves alot of detailing/erasing/detailing/erasing until you can get the detail you want but also the smoothness you are attempting.