About Me

I’m a pretty regular guy and you can learn a bit below if you want, no pressure!

The bay area is where I currently call home and I love it, between the insane diversity of environments and the plethora of different sorts of people make this area really awesome.

I’ve got a great girl who’s been through thick and thin with me and some cats who obviously have different opinions about my antics. The brown cat is my bud, the black one isn’t really sure.


I learned how to sculpt in Zbrush because I sold my broken down car for 200 dollars and decided I was going to make money by 3D Modeling on the internet. The 3D printing boom was just beginning and I got in on the forefront of sculpting miniatures in Zbrush. My job became sculpting 24/7 to pay the bills, it was brutal but so essential to my learning.


Music is a huge inspiration to me and I can talk about it for hours, the roots of my music obsession are YES and Rush. 2 of the best bands ever for sure. Them and their cohorts have kept me focused for who knows how long. It definitely saved me during my 2 years at home as a freelancer.


In 2013 my girlfriend and I made a huge move and drove off to San Francisco from Maryland so that I could pursue my masters degree at the Academy of Art University. Thanks for high tailin’ it out west with me, Bridget!

Also… did you know the bay area is really expensive? hah.


Finally we come to Artillery Games. They gave me a chance as an intern 3 days a week which after almost a year I was able to turn into a full time position. In our small art team I was able to grow really quickly as an artist being so close to my art director.

At Artillery I had the full on Silicon Valley start up experience, did our product change the face of gaming? nope, unfortunately it did not. Did our team work hard every single day and stay united until the end? Yeah!

That’s something to be proud of.


thanks for learning a bit about me! I hope you’ll check out my Portfolio or my Resume

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