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  • Sanzaru Games, 3D Character Artist, Oct 2016-Current
    -Modeled and textured stylized characters for the Game  “Spyro ReIgnited Trilogy”. Models were modeled with Zbrush and Maya and textured in Substance Painter with stylized materials I built.
    -Modeled and textured realistic characters for the VR Game “Marvel Heroes United”.
  • Artillery Games, 3D Artist, Aug 2014-Sept 2016
    -Modeled and textured stylized characters for the game “Guardians of Atlas”. Models were heavily hand painted using 3D Coat and modeled with Zbrush and Maya.
  • Fantasy Flight Games, Miniature Sculptor, June 2014-Sept 2015
    Modeled fantasy creatures to be used as table top miniatures for the games “Descent” and “Battlelore”.
  • Pandasaurus Games, Miniature Sculptor, Jan 2016-May 2016
    Sculpted a horde of post-apocalyptic cars for the game “Wasteland: Delivery Express”.
  • 3D Total Games, Miniature Sculptor, October 2013-March 2014
    Utilized ZBrush to model fantasy characters for a 3D Total produced table top game named “Wizards Academy”.
  • Sword & Board Games, Miniature Sculptor, April 2013-Dec 2014
    -Sculpted fantasy war miniatures for a new table top skirmish game named “Twelve Elements of War”.
  • Living Worlds, Miniature Sculptor, Sept 2013-Dec 2014
    Created characters from the Web comic “Schlock Mercenary” as miniatures for the new game “Schlock Mercenary: Capital Offensive”.


  • Quickly sculpting character models in Zbrush
  • Painting textures for characters inside of 3D Coat and Photoshop
  • Modeling using ZbrushTopogun, and Maya
  • Highly communicative with my team
  • Self-Motivated and driven to keep progressing my craft


  • MFA -Academy of Art University School of Game Design
    2015, Graduate student specializing in 3D Character Art
  • BA – State University of New York at Alfred State
    2009, Bachelor’s degree recipient with a focus on general 3D art





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