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  • Artillery Games, 3D Artist, Aug 2014-Sept 2016
    -Modeled and textured 40+ stylized characters through rapid prototyping in 3D alongside my art director for the game “Guardians of Atlas”. Models were heavily hand painted using 3D Coat and modeled with Zbrush and Maya.
  • Fantasy Flight Games, Miniature Sculptor, June 2014-Sept 2015
    Modeled 14 fantasy creatures to be used as table top miniatures for the games “Descent” and “Battlelore”.
  • Pandasaurus Games, Miniature Sculptor, Jan 2016-May 2016
    Sculpted a horde of post-apocalyptic cars for the game “Wasteland: Delivery Express”.
  • 3D Total Games, Miniature Sculptor, October 2013-March 2014
    Utilized ZBrush to model fantasy characters for a 3D Total produced table top game named “Wizards Academy”.
  • Sword & Board Games, Miniature Sculptor, April 2013-Dec 2014
    -Sculpted 14 fantasy war miniatures for a new table top skirmish game named “Twelve Elements of War”.
  • Living Worlds, Miniature Sculptor, Sept 2013-Dec 2014
    Created characters from the Web comic “Schlock Mercenary” as miniatures for the new game “Schlock Mercenary: Capital Offensive”.


  • Quickly sculpting character models in Zbrush
  • Painting textures for characters inside of 3D Coat and Photoshop
  • Modeling using ZbrushTopogun, and Maya
  • Highly communicative with my team
  • Self-Motivated and driven to keep progressing my craft


  • MFA -Academy of Art University School of Game Design
    2015, Graduate student specializing in 3D Character Art
  • BA – State University of New York at Alfred State
    2009, Bachelor’s degree recipient with a focus on general 3D art





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