MFA Thesis

In May of 2015 I finished my MFA at the Academy of Art University with a presentation of a 2 year long project which I concepted and built entirely on my own.

I’ll be the first to admit that the designs of the pieces would have been much stronger if done by a concept artist. Concept artists aren’t tethered to technical constraints like a 3d artist like myself,

My MFA is an homage to everything 80’s and everything beat ’em up. I made 3 characters for a ridiculously violent, fun, smash it all type game loosely based around an alien invasion. (They need something to smash)

Specs are simple on the guys. 2048 texture for each humanoid. 1024 for each weapon you see. Built by hand using lots and lots of maps as masks, tuned and rendered in Keyshot 5 as well as in game shots from Marmoset 2.

First we have Jack Sampson, a juiced up, failed action hero. The versatile character.

Sampson Portrait thesispreview Sampson_BreakdownSampson_Circle

Then there’s Bubba Hendricks. Trucker extraordinaire and arm wrestling champ. The bruiser.

Bubba Portrait Hendricks_3Views Hendricks_BreakdownshotHendricks_Circle

Next we have Sarah Carver, a loner, a strong woman and a bonafide bad ass. The long-ranged character.

Sarah PortraitSarah_3ViewsSarah_Breakdown

Finally we have a shot of the crew all together, ready to kick some more alien ass. Thanks for your support, everyone! The Gang



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