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Long week of freelance work ahead of me.

Well… it’s Sunday and I did a minimal amount of work today. I suppose that’s my fault 😛 Sundays tend to just fly by! On the upside projects are all on track and I have a new possible client which could be really good to snag! I better focus this week…  Can’t wait to show everyone the work I’ve been making!!!


So excited to finish some freelance I’m doing… Really stoked to show the world what I’ve been working on.

Lots of Freelance

Really excited about the freelance I’m working with right now. I have great clients, and I’m doing exactly what I love to do! Can’t wait till I can release all this work!! I got a brand new tablet and some new gear for my office to enhance my freelance capabilities too. Super stoked.

Internet Clean up

This week I’m trying to get all the websites I’m a part of in order and to have the same body of work. I also want to find a few new places to pitch for freelance work, we’ll see how that goes. It’s all tedious work which just bores the hell out of me.

Freelance Week of Freelancing.

Oh boy, this week is blowing up with freelance. It’s been 10 hour days each day but totally worth it. Glad to help out my clients in any way I can, and someday I’ll start on my portfolio so I can get a real job! hah.

Someday I’ll also get a chance to write the tutorials I wanted to as well! (oh and do homework?)


It’s pretty early today, the cat woke me up! bleh. So anyways, I have some exciting freelance coming up and I have a demo reel schedule starting soon so I can try to get a real job for once.
Did some blendshapes quickly for a client today using Zbrush, they are so easy to do in here… He didn’t want anything complicated so it was a quick session. Time to make a quick interface and rig this guy.