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Module 11

Well, here’s a big update folks! I did TONS of work during Module 11 to make up for mistakes I made during 10 on my new game character, and of course drew for many hours and did a few final drawings for class! Here’s static images of my work. I’ll post up my video I make for class soon.
The Model is rendered in Z-Brush where I sculpted all his detail and also decimated his model as I went to keep his poly count down. If I hadn’t decimated as I was working it’d be impossible to have this much detail open in Z-Brush for me and actually this is the most complex project I’ve done inside of the program so far! Lots more work to do though, enjoy!

Module 10

I had a few more drawings this module I’m pleased to share. We were focusing on the building and identification of clothing folds and when they occur. Also tips and tricks to give your fabric thickness which was a big focus for me. I also tried to focus on the amount of tone I allowed myself to lay down on a drawing.

Also, here’s my video from module 9 for game history class.

Module 9 stuff

Tough module for college, working with values and value patterns with vine charcoal.. There’s no control Z with this kind of charcoal and I can barely keep the paper clean. Also made a quick render of a sculpt I did for a freelance trial which I wasn’t awarded, meh.

Module 8 UDK character

Module 7 & 8

I’ve been doing a lot of annoying tests to learn high end work flows for Z brush and game design so I don’t have a lot to show as far as 3D at the moment.. Here are my drawings from the past 5 days. I finished this module of figure drawing right away so I can work on 3D the next few days. Away I go!

Monday Freelance

Hey all, did a sculpt of Prince William in a semi photo realistic style today for some freelance trials. Spent an hour on it. Also, here’s a time lapse of the sculpt I did.


Hey all, another module done and another post for my website! Here is a presentation I made for my history and techniques of game design class. Below that are my drawings from the past few days.

UDK character assignment Update 1

Working on modding UDK and adding a custom character during a summer class. I just started armor yesterday in Zbrush and retopo’d it today in topogun and maya so I can continue detailing and adding more parts. Here’s a quick turntable of it.

Back on track

Finally finished moving, we’re 8 days into our time here in Maryland and it’s been a blast so far, expensive.. but a blast. We’re both working hard in and out of work/college. Here’s my latest exercise for Figure Drawing, I thought it came out well. We are working on rhythm and flowing lines around the edge of a model and following them until they curve inward, giving the model depth; Also,