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Killgore Rework Low Poly Work

Day 1 of painting diffuse maps and tweaking everything for the low poly model, day 2 of the whole rework for this guy. It’s coming along, there is just a TON to paint and figure out. This is a pretty low poly model, it floats at about 1700 quads including the nail guns and I’m going to reduce it further for my reel.

Here is a comparison of my normal map + diffuse on the model and then just a grey lambert to show the detail I’m adding with my textures!

Killgore Rework

Well.. Sleep eluded me today. I’m not really sure why but I woke up at 1:38 and then after laying in bed for what felt like hours; but, in reality was 2 minutes I decided to just get up and start working. I spent 3 hours today and 2 yesterday sculpting on an old model for my demo reel. here’s the sculpt right now! Time for a diffuse map 🙂

Speed Sculpt

Well, it’s Monday and after a long crazy weekend in NYC and New Jersey I’m back to the grind. I finished some revisions requested by clients, spoke to older clients about new work, and after working on my demo reel for about 2 hours decided to do a quick speed sculpt.

I found a random picture on Google (like usual) and just went to town, I haven’t touched Zbrush in like 5 days and started to feel as though I might be losing some speed. It all went smoothly until rendering where I for some reason couldn’t get any resolution on shadows till I cranked it up to 8k? Really strange issue, never seen it before and I wouldn’t mind not seeing it again. 


Just got back from my first trip to NYC ever and I’m more focused than ever! Classes start in one week for my MFA and I’m hoping to get large chunks of my demo reel done before that time comes… I better  get back to it! -inserts coffee directly into veins-


Oh by the way I’m still always looking for freelance opportunities if you are new to my site and reading this! 🙂 Cheers.

Knight Update

Last day to work on this knight, still have some things to tweak and a final pass to add damage over both diffuse maps. Took out any useless poly’s and made some tweaks to his colors today, bringing the boots, gloves, and straps closer to each other and also tweaking the ambient passes to give materials the right feel. Now I need to do some freelance and I should probably do  a speed sculpt of a face in Zbrush, haven’t touched it in 3 days!  Weird, right?

Tweaking Concept, day 2

Well, now that I have these 2 projects that don’t belong together it’s my goal to mesh them together seamlessly! Day 2 of this process was simplifying the texture on the eagle gauntlet and slowly tweaking details on each model. Tomorrow I’m going to finish tying things in together with color changes and I’m going to attempt to find a pallet that works really well for this piece, nothing too powerful. Final day for this piece so I better make it good!


Well, on the third character in my demo reel I’m working on a last minute idea to combine a weapon I created with his character model to save space in my demo reel. They aren’t the same style right now but the poly count is close, so I’m going to repaint all of the gauntlets in this piece, change the style of some things and make it mesh! I think it will add way more depth to this character for my new reel.

Gimme 2 more days and I’ll have a fully integrated weapon into this scene and it’ll be looking bad ass!

Kane Hodder Action Figure!

Check out this amazing painting on the 3D print of Kane Hodder that I designed in Zbrush! Painting done by Deconte Figures and Collectibles! they are at Monster-Mania right now tearing it up! Check out their work, it’s amazing stuff! So stoked to see something I made in 3D as a real figure, fully painted and so well done at that!! 

Demo Reel

It’s time to update my portfolio and demo reel so I can hopefully find a job in the fall up in Boston! My first model I’m tweaking is my most recent, I’m basically working my way backwards in time and tweaking each model for up to 3 days before I get it ready to render. Just to help bring up all of the quality of the pieces throughout my portfolio.

This is the first tweak I’m doing, I finished tweaking the diffuse and now I’m working on fixing a few errors in the normal maps. Hair color might need to be changed because it’s so dark.. We’ll see though.

Long day of work

Found a problem in some 3d sculpting for print that I have to fix later on. Also spent all day modeling/texturing/rigging this character. Came out alright for only one day of work I guess. Sending this to client for confirmation.