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Thesis – 9/25/2014

First thesis post in a while, been so busy lately! I’m redoing some aspects of Jack Sampson and I’m loving the direction he’s taking. Lots of sculpting to do on him to get him back to where he was. Basically details have been moved from his middle to his sides to help keep the eye moving. Loving the early results.Sampson_JBintz_03

Sarah got a redesign, she isn’t a typical explorer anymore and is wearing baggy, worn down clothing. I wanted to do this because I have never liked how women were portrayed in games. Sarah is a vicious survivor who lives on her own in Utah. Can’t wait to finish her!Carver_JBintz_03


My life’s been basically 110% work and I can’t seem to catch up! We had a wedding in New York and right after I had no time to catch up before school and some visitors. This weekend is crunch time, I’m catching up finally and will hopefully be ahead of the game for once.

I promised about 6 months ago I was going to start tutorials and if all goes as planned I’d like to do my first one next week. I already have the first 10 planned out I just can’t bring myself to do it because there’s always some work to be done somewhere for someone.

Along with the tutorials I’ll be posing up some new and retouched up work and hopefully a new color zbrush composite or two. Back to the grind stone I go, but first I’m talking the short walk over to my Keurig for some “go” juice.

Thesis – 9/16/2014

I started by making a timeline this week for this semesters thesis work as well as an abstract and project breakdown to help me keep focused. Some things will be changed or modified as seen fit by my professors after we talk more about timing for the semester but this is a pretty good general idea of how things will play out.


Beneath is my abstract I wrote, it’s 200 words and tells the who/what/when/where/why of my thesis. This was requested for my other thesis class but I think it’s good to show and to post up here so I see it all the time.

My thesis centers around 3 characters caught up in a battle for earth from an intergalactic threat in Hanksville, Utah: a remote town of 219 residents. Our first hero is Jack Sampson, failed 80’s action star who’s clinging onto the dream of becoming the next big action hero. Second is “Big” Bubba Hendricks, truck driver extraordinaire and brilliant mechanic.  Third is Sarah Carver, a talented survivalist and a dead eye with her long rifle. All characters 3 have big personalities and designs that match.

As a seasoned Zbrush artist, I work solely in this program during the design phase of the project, frequently adding or subtracting to the characters based on critiques/feedback.  Their final sculptures will be retopologized using Topogun into as many pieces as are required.

Headus UV layout will allow me to quickly and cleanly UV the characters into 3-4 maps per character. I’ll then extract as much detail from the sculpt as possible. Using Ddo and Substance I’ll create all necessary maps for their game assets. My final display of the game assets will be in Marmoset Toolbag 2 as well as rendered sculptures of each character in Keyshot or Vray.


Also this this week’s homework I’m painting over my thesis characters to plan out some details in a more accurate, well thought out way. James Bach mentioned using different rules to design my characters to help with composition so I’m going to use some of those ideas tonight.


Busy week, trying to finish a bunch of work I thought I would have finished already and prepped a plethora of models to send off to printers. Exodus Wars is coming out shortly and I made the final weapon for my infantry units which came out pretty well. Later on I’ll do a proper sheet for it. Uber low poly count because the units holding it range from 2-4k polys.ChainGun

There’ll be a small thesis update later today with a new timeline as well. Oh, also new renders of miniatures! If I can find time to do it at least.



Thesis – 9/3//2014

Tomorrow is the first thesis class so I figured it was appropriate to finally pick up the project again. Feeling good going into this semester, I can concept and sculpt even faster now. Made some gloves I put off last semester for Jack, they came out pretty bad ass.



September already? wow..

This week I’m in talks with a serious amount of clients and I think it’s gonna take weeks to either make deals or go our separate ways. Lots to organize and think about!

I added in my latest game asset into my portfolio and tossed in a new miniature from last week. Asking for permission to add in a few more miniatures and today I should be finishing yet another Sword & Board miniature.

School is starting up for real on Wednesday so I should probably touch my thesis in some way shape or form…