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I’m currently hard at work on 4 different projects with 2 more getting thrown into the mix this week. There should be some pretty awesome work added to my portfolio over the next month and I’m really excited about these new projects. Having all this work is spectacular and it’s always very validating as an artist to be approached by new clients. Stop back soon and see all the new work I’ll be posting!


Lots of changes are taking place with my art, I’m trying to finish more pieces and display them in more interesting ways. I have a whole heap of new clients with jobs starting from mid June to the end of July so it should be interesting attempting to balance the workload evenly throughout my client list.

I’m applying to jobs as always in the bay area without any luck. I’m hoping that after I have my interview in 3D Creative next month with the combined exposure from a few kickstarters going I might.. maybe… have a job?

This weekend I’m doing my first tutorial, weapon creation. I’ve decided to do an elaborate warhammer which I’ll be designing later today. I think I might take this tutorial all the way to finished low poly piece if I have time. I need more game assets in my portfolio anyways.

Stop back soon for my new tutorial and more portfolio pieces! Cheers.


As you may know I’m doing lots of renders right now, today should be the last day so I can get back to producing some new art instead of polishing my old art! I am happy with how things are turning out and I really hope my new renders impress potential employers. I’ll do a larger update later on, my brain is a bit fried with all this rendering work, I see everything in layers!