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Wow.. What a whirlwind.. I’m now in San Francisco with my girlfriend and after travelling across the country for 6 days and seeing more of the US than I thought I would this year (or any year for that matter) we’re finally falling back into a routine. I’m behind on client work because of a SSD failure literally 2 days before we set out on the road but as of this morning I’m almost caught up.

I haven’t been posting recently for obvious reasons but I’m here to change that! I’m devising a plan to begin putting out resumes and networking here in San Fran for full-time work after we’re a bit more settled and just trying to crank out work for my clients as quickly as possible.

My thesis has taken a bit of a hit from being on the road and just from the unrest being in different places can cause to your art workflow but I’m attempting to get that back on track as well. I’ve been spending a bit of time each night tweaking and modifying my first character and this weekend while Bridget is away back east at her sister’s bridal shower I’m going to model his weapons.

I did manage to resculpt a piece I lost that was 90% done when my SSD crashed, here it is! It’s also in my gallery, my latest piece for Sword & Board games. Oh! I’m trying out new software for my renders, keyshot 3! I’m still learning but the results speak for themselves I think.

Shadow Hold Archer


Traveling across the country is a strange thing. After many hours of driving and counting corn (I’m at 100000000 so far by the way) you feel as though you must be on the cusp of the west coast. Wrong! It’s like the further you get the longer the country becomes, it stretches to prevent our pilgrimage out west.

Our hopes are high for the west coast, I in particular haven’t felt like anywhere I’ve been in a very long time has been my home. The word “home” doesn’t even feel like it has any meaning for me. I love my family and people around me but the word feels like it requires some geographical association with it and that’s something I’ve never really had.

I think the west coast will be a home, a proper home that ill feel physically attached to and not just because of a few select people I choose to associate with. I better get back to counting I think I missed some corn. Cheers!

My freelance wok will be back to normal after the 22nd! FYI


Moving moving moving moving moving! It’s basically taking over my mind and my girlfriend’s days (she’s the planner, I’m just the guy who lifts couches.) We have our address in San Fran now and I updated my resume, and it’s time to update all my cards… accounts.. and so on, really not an enjoyable process for me but it’s something that has to be done. Our U-haul is already in San Fran waiting for us so the move is starting to feel more real. Before Tuesday when we leave I want to finish a lot of client work but our schedule is so busy with saying Goodbyes and such to family.

When I get to San Fran I am really going to be kicking up the work I do on my thesis, I need to make some headway. I’ve stumbled across some stylized pieces of ZBrush art I’m going to be trying to simulate, the way some artists tackle hands and some parts of armor is just amazing and I want to learn to do it. Anyways, back to work! Cheers!


Today was the final day for my side project, I’ve been waiting for revisions from clients, not even sure who is getting my emails anymore because of weird internet issues I’m having. I started this guy because I wasn’t feeling very confident in 3D so I wanted to do a quick project from start to finish and have a new game model. Here’s the final asset from marmoset toolbag! Then below that is the polypainted version, and the final Zbrush model!

Holy shit I just realized I cut off one of his feet when I was drawing a useless border around the renders. Intelligent Justin… very intelligent…


Below is the concept art I found that I based this piece off of. I think it came out pretty well for just rushing right along and completing it in 6 half days of work. Now to get back to my thesis… modeling a FNscar isn’t really fun, but I need to make one to move to the next part of my thesis.




Happy 4th everyone! I’m in the process of moving to San Fran and have 2 weeks to work in a temporary office (my girlfriend’s parent’s living room) and I’m just trying to chip away at some projects! It’s hard to concentrate and we have lots of people to see while we’re here… It seems like every day we’re driving an hour in some direction to see someone for the last time before we head out west!

I finished this sculpt, and am in the process of the last Shadow Hold character right now. Also some other projects but I can’t post anything about them at the moment. Cheers!

Halfling_LowResOh, I also started this side project based on really strange concept art I found. Wanna finish this in a few days as a medium res game model.
Day 2

Email me if you have work >=D