Moving moving moving moving moving! It’s basically taking over my mind and my girlfriend’s days (she’s the planner, I’m just the guy who lifts couches.) We have our address in San Fran now and I updated my resume, and it’s time to update all my cards… accounts.. and so on, really not an enjoyable process for me but it’s something that has to be done. Our U-haul is already in San Fran waiting for us so the move is starting to feel more real. Before Tuesday when we leave I want to finish a lot of client work but our schedule is so busy with saying Goodbyes and such to family.

When I get to San Fran I am really going to be kicking up the work I do on my thesis, I need to make some headway. I’ve stumbled across some stylized pieces of ZBrush art I’m going to be trying to simulate, the way some artists tackle hands and some parts of armor is just amazing and I want to learn to do it. Anyways, back to work! Cheers!

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