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I decided to take my mind off of my thesis presentation looming over my head and started on the next dwarf for the series of 5 I am creating for a client. I made all of his armor today and began sculpting it, I think I’ll finish it tomorrow, keeping things simple, and stylish like the other dwarves. More updates to come.Dwarf Progress


I know I haven’t posted work in a long time, it’s been a long journey working on a really complicated, very important presentation I’m giving on Thursday. After I’m done I’ll be starting a 20 month EPIC thesis project and the work I’m going to be producing is the best I’ve ever done.

After Thursday I’m also going to be updating my portfolio posts on freelance websites and starting on some new work for clients. Gotta get posting again! And to start making art, not powerpoints!


I’ve been hard at work on my masters thesis proposal to get approval for my thesis idea so I haven’t posted anything in quite some time. I’m finally done and extremely pleased with the result. It’s a 20 month project to create 3 incredibly detailed characters and I’ll be blogging the entire time and creating videos to help any 3D artists out there that want to learn little tips and tricks I use for things.


Oh, and I’m upgrading my PC because I want to push Zbrush to 60 mil polygons, OH YEAHHHHHH. Should be here today?! Hope I can get it all up and running in under 10 hours, I have homework due Sunday. Yikes!

Demon Warrior Sketch

Here’s something I’m working on right now just to take a break from my regular freelance grindDemon Warrior