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Wow, is it Friday yet? Yesterday was a whirlwind of a day. I’m on the brink of finishing 2 major pieces for different clients and was able to finish up a series of 5 pieces for another! I think I opened a total of around 10 different projects yesterday touching things up and packaging different things together.

At some point this week I’m going to have to work on my thesis and start posing models for my new demo reel. I’m touching up some old models and posing them all into a relaxed hero pose. My goal is to leave none in the T-pose to help make my reel stand out, oh… and to use all of the new sweet rendering techniques I’ve learned this year!

My resume is stronger than ever, and with a new class I’m taking I learned even more about what employers in my industry are truly looking for. I can honestly say that this is the first “career prep” class that isn’t complete bullshit that treats us as if we have never seen or written a resume before at the age of 26. I’m extremely glad about that and it’s really refreshing to hear honest opinions about my resume from an experienced professional.

I sense big things on the horizon out here in the west and I couldn’t be more excited. Well.. I guess I will be once I get another cup of coffee and feel awake! Back to work I go, cheers!


Thesis – 9/19/2013

After much strife and heart ache I was able to get into a college class that will actually, and truly help me in every way possible. A directed study for modeling on my thesis! Wow, I’ll actually be able to dedicate specific hours each week and have goals.. I won’t have to sneak off from clients and sculpt for 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there on my thesis character.

Needless to say I’m extremely happy about this and I had to do some “in progress” renders of my work and they came out great! Obviously incredibly far from the final result that I hope hope HOPE will be jaw dropping. Anyways, here they are! I did a ton of sculpting today so I’m gonna hide my wacom and chill out!

Architect Progress


I almost forgot! I finished the latest Sword & Board sculpt this week as well! Here it is, and you can find it in my updated 3D-portfolio too!

Mining Guild Elf


Today I finished a bunch of renders of old work and newer work in preparation for a new demo reel I’m making in a month or so. My goal is to finish one of my thesis characters and have it be the center piece to launch my latest job search. It’s a tall order to fill based on how complex they are and with how busy I am right now but I need to get a real job eventually!

Back to work I go!

Thesis – 9/6/2013

I’ve been really busy lately with a bunch of different projects but I’m trying to find time to chip away at this thesis. Here’s where I got with my concepting of my second character. Trying to simplify some areas while raising the detail and complexity of others! Gonna be at this process for quite a bit more time before I start texturing.Architect_Progress_NoNotes