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Have some new work going up in the next few days! Also school starts Thursday but it’s not gonna slow down my vast amount of work I’m pumping out for clients!

Thesis – 8/28/2014

It’s the start of a new semester and I’m getting back to work on my thesis. I haven’t done much on it this summer but the amount of work I’ve done professionally has more than made up for it.

My project is based around character creation for a game I made up solely for the purposes of modeling some characters in a style I love. Basically, somewhere in the desert in a small town, aliens started an invasion. This was the perfect opportunity for Jack Sampson, my muscle bound failure of an 80’s actor to prove himself as an action star. He grabbed his weapons, ran out of his shitty apartment and looked for someone who could help him take down these bastards! Jack Sampson uses his superior strength, speed, and agility to maneuver the battlefield. He’s obsessed with guns but isn’t afraid to get into melee range to toss some alien scum.



The first person he found that looked like he could hold his own against this intergalactic threat was Bubba Hendricks. This guy is HUGE, Bubba isn’t only a huge, incredibly strong hick, he’s a brilliant mechanic. He can either smash some alien skulls or play defensive and build things to help Jack and Sarah.

Bubba Hendricks






Once they began fighting they noticed a pile of alien corpses covered in arrows and in the distance saw Sarah Carver. She’s a survivalist who had been hiking in the area and saw what was going on down in town. Sarah felt she could help so she ran into town and got recruited by big Bubba and Jack.
Sarah Carver

Last semester I started by completely ditching the work I previously did, this was because of the quality of the models from a concept standpoint. Pryce felt I could push myself much harder with more direction in the concept stage. These were the shapes I came up with that I really liked. I did tons of silhouettes at this stage. Link





Today we fly back to San Francisco where I’ll be resuming full time work Monday morning. Sorry to any clients who had their projects slowed while I was away for 10 days, tried my best to do work on my new laptop but it’s very strange working on it compared to my PC as well as mandatory visiting time with families and old friends. I’ll do my best to get your projects back on track this week! Thanks for understanding. Cheers


Only a few days until we head back to New York for 10 days. My laptop is gonna let me work full time while there which is great because I’m extremely busy and don’t even have time to do nice renders of pieces. Trying to focus on my workflows for pieces to increase my speed and style without worrying about final beautifully rendered pieces that normally take a day or two to complete. Back to work I go! New pieces in the gallery today!


Wow it’s August already? School starts again at the end of this month and I have so much to do before I start. It’s going to be extremely difficult to balance my new very busy schedule with school work. What’s more important? Well money and bills silly, but I have to make an effort to focus on school as well.

I’m still refraining from posting new work here because I’m so busy I can barely see straight half the time. New work is being pumped out and unfortunately I can’t show the most impressive piece I’ve ever built until January when it’s released. I spent an unprecedented 7 weeks working on the piece. (For those unaware I make most of my miniatures in 3-5 days so this is quite different for me)

Heading back to New York for 10 days in 2 weeks and I was terrified about leaving my work for that long so I bit the bullet and bought a laptop so now I’m mobile! No excuses ever. It’ll also allow me the new idea of working in coffee shops and not being chained to my desk. Pretty excited about that possibility.

Well this render is just about done, suppose I can give you a preview of it. Back to work I go! Executioner Preview