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Thesis – 11/27/2013

I have been SO BAD with posting lately! I’m under some NDA’s right now and also have a ton of work so it’s been skipping my mind to write about anything I do. Going to try to change that and I’m starting right now! I’m working on my thesis every morning during my first cup of coffee so I have a space to consistently build up the models.

I’m not sure if I wrote about reworking my first character from the ground up but I basically tore him apart and am trying to build a sleeker more bad ass soldier. I ditched his huge pack, gave him a handle that the pariah grabs to throw him to hard to reach spots and gave him padding all over to protect him during landings. I made more detailed straps for all of his armor and gave him a knee pad. Loving the direction he is going now, some pieces on him are barely touched but soon it’ll all be detailed and painted.

Architect Progress


I’ve been teaching myself hard surface sculpting techniques by working on his FNscar to modify it to something more unique. It has a monitor for gun information like temp and ammo, as well as some knobs and switches that will light up and give some more personality to the weapon. The gun below was entirely made in ZBrush and there are a few graphical errors in this render because of my decimation process.

Oh! Also in the shot are the detailed ammo packs ready for texturing and retopo.



Well.. things have been crazy for the past month. Work has been flowing in and when it isn’t I become obsessed with working on my thesis project and pushing my skills further and further. My latest progress has been in hard surface sculpting. It’s really fun, but hard to get a hang of at first. I should be posting up my first all dynamesh project soon but I’ve been practicing with simple props to refine techniques and so on.

I also just finished yet another sword & board sculpt but lost my keyshot render settings so it looks weird and took a ton of tries to get it rendered out! Oh boy.