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Wow! I need two of me! I am taking a break from attempting to update my portfolio and my social media so I can 100% focus on cranking out work. I’ve never been this busy before and it seems to pour when it rains as the saying goes because this all came about the same week I was moving. Things are calming down now and all I want to do is work and job hunt! Back to work I go.


I’m still trying to catch up with my work from the move, it’s insanely busy every night over here building Ikea furniture and organizing our belongings. For the first time ever we really love our apartment and we’re attempting to turn it into something we’re really proud of.

I still need to add in multiple portfolio pieces and update some other aspects of my site. Also I need to network while I’m in this month’s 3D Creative Magazine!


About 6 weeks until school and I haven’t touched my thesis! I haven’t exactly been sitting here twiddling my thumbs though, I’ve picked up more clients and taken on more jobs than ever before. I’m going to have to find a balance when school comes around because I have a little over a year left and I need to push myself.

I added in 3 new portfolio pieces and have another 5 in progress right now, just need to find a few hours where I can do some nice renders of them. Finally getting some game assets into this portfolio which is nice because I have the skill set but never get a chance to use it.

The pieces below are for Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire. I am a character artist and weapon artist for them and have a few more pieces to create before their game launches on Steam in just 6 weeks! It’s come a long way since Alpha and I can’t wait to see it at launch with all my models in it!

Exodus Wars Weaponry Conscript Legionnaire


Lots of updates soon! 5 new portfolio pieces and 2 reworked pieces.

ALSO! I am in this month’s 3D Creative Magazine!┬áSuper honored and I am gonna push myself harder than ever to improve as quickly as I can and be worth a spot in this magazine! Cheers.

Come back soon for the updates!


Summer is definitely under way right now and after 2 months of intense searching we managed to find a new apartment in the city! I’ve never worked this hard for an apartment before. (Bridget worked three times as hard as me)

I’m working really hard to keep up with all my clients, my 2 longest clients just asked for more work to be done on their projects which is AWESOME. But now I find myself with much less time for anything other than art! Great to have the work, I’m pressing forward as hard as I possibly can to create great art for all my clients while keeping some form of sanity and wrist functionality.

I should have… 3 new gallery pieces by Monday up and posted, possibly 4? Depends on who lets me show what. Can’t wait to show the new work! Toys, Miniatures and Game Assets!