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Thesis – 4/24/2014

I have to admit I’ve been all but absent on my own website as of late. I’ve been very busy and can’t seem to bring myself to write about my work. Unfortunately I have some time today and tomorrow to reflect on my recent work because my Tablet broke. I have another on rush order but I’m assuming tomorrow will be a Zbrush free day -shakes uncontrollably-

So Jack Sampson, my first thesis character is coming along. While detailing all over and building up his character I’m developing who he is. There is a large back and forth process with this method, I would much rather have very detailed character information to work from but hey, whatcha gonna do?

(Some spots on him have detail, others have almost zilch. Soon he’ll be SLAMMED with detail)

Jack Sampson Update


The last thing I did this morning before my tablet died was the final base shape for his shotgun that’ll be holstered to his hip soon. It’s lacking all of the interesting things as of now, here’s the thing that killed my tablet. RIP Mr. Drawey.

ShotgunBubba has been changing over the past few weeks as well. I’m shrinking some aspects of him to make other seem much larger. A large” update for him will be coming soon. God I hate myself.

Bubba Hendricks



Thesis – 4/8/2014

I’m developing the stories behind my characters right now to help drive their designs. The first I’m attempting to really add some back story and personality into is Bubba Hendricks. (I changed his name from Bobby to Bubba last week, felt it was more… fitting?) Alright, so on with his story. First lets get up a little shot of Bubba so everyone knows who I’m talking about.

Bubba HendricksAh, there we go.. Bubba is here in all his glory and back fat. Bubba Hendricks was a trucker for years before the invasion happened. You name it, he’s trucked it, and he trucked it better than anyone. Bubba’s greatest strength is as you probably guessed… is his great strength. He’s huge and a seriously formidable opponent. There isn’t much else to say about this guy so we should probably move onto the few minutes after he met Jack Sampson, the wanna-be mercenary.

Bubba was walking out of a gas station with a bunch more fuel for the last push of his latest trip, armed with a liter of cola and a box of little snackey’s snack rolls  Bubba was pulled aside by Jack Sampson. Jack claimed there was an invasion on the other end of town, flying saucers he was saying. It would have been something to ignore if it weren’t for the flying saucer’s that just passed overhead and the explosions in the distance.

Bubba shoved his snacks into is overalls pocket and knew he had to help, he didn’t have weapons like jack sampson did, the guy was armed to the teeth! He did however quickly make short work of an I-beam by bending the end into a handle with his bare hands. Knowing he would need protection if he planned on getting up close and personal with whatever these things were he snatched a tire off of a smart car, he also grabbed a few signs and with a few wraps of duct tape he made some armor for himself.

I’ll be writing more once I concept more, all part of the process! Cheers.




Thesis – 4/3/2014

Wow,  it’s April and I haven’t been posting much of anything lately! How sad… I’m going to attempt to change that in the coming weeks through the creation of some tutorials. I’m planning them out right now but they’ll cover how I create miniatures in my style, how I damage armor and sculpt well.. most things. The first I’ll be creating this weekend and will focus on the process I use to create stylized hair.

My thesis is coming along as well but I feel as though I’m obsessing over it a little bit and it’s really pulling away a lot of my attention that should be spent on my clients and launching my professional career. The clients I have right now are great and I just impressed my newest super secret client with a miniature in progress so I’m quite pleased with that!

I suppose since this post has the word “thesis” in the title I should be writing about that. The first two characters are turning into what I hoped my first attempt at my thesis would be. great, stylized sculpts that portray very distinct attributes. The first of 3 for my thesis is coming along, I’m attempting to build up his personality and bad-ass level at this stage in the sculpt before truly  hammering home the detail. I’m liking working on him and really have been getting some fantastic critiques from everyone.

Also I should add in here that I titled this screen shot “Jack Sampson” so that might be his name now?

Jack Sampson 4/3/2014The second is on the opposite side of the spectrum as far as body types. I’ve posted other shots of him before and am still working on preliminary stuff for him, IE silhouette and forms for musculature and such. Loving how he’s coming along and I can’t wait to finish a few more aspects of his larger forms because I think he’s going to truly come to life!

I should probably also say that since I titled the first screen shot I named this one Bubba Hendricks

Bubba HendricksBoth of them are coming along and I’m trying to move from one another quickly as to not get incredibly caught up in what I’m doing. Tunnel vision is bad when working in 3D and it’s what made me waste 4 months of time on this thesis before I completely rehauled my idea. I’m feeling a tunnel forming with Jack Sampson so I’m pulling away from him for the weekend to focus on my upcoming tutorials!