Thesis – 4/8/2014

I’m developing the stories behind my characters right now to help drive their designs. The first I’m attempting to really add some back story and personality into is Bubba Hendricks. (I changed his name from Bobby to Bubba last week, felt it was more… fitting?) Alright, so on with his story. First lets get up a little shot of Bubba so everyone knows who I’m talking about.

Bubba HendricksAh, there we go.. Bubba is here in all his glory and back fat. Bubba Hendricks was a trucker for years before the invasion happened. You name it, he’s trucked it, and he trucked it better than anyone. Bubba’s greatest strength is as you probably guessed… is his great strength. He’s huge and a seriously formidable opponent. There isn’t much else to say about this guy so we should probably move onto the few minutes after he met Jack Sampson, the wanna-be mercenary.

Bubba was walking out of a gas station with a bunch more fuel for the last push of his latest trip, armed with a liter of cola and a box of little snackey’s snack rolls  Bubba was pulled aside by Jack Sampson. Jack claimed there was an invasion on the other end of town, flying saucers he was saying. It would have been something to ignore if it weren’t for the flying saucer’s that just passed overhead and the explosions in the distance.

Bubba shoved his snacks into is overalls pocket and knew he had to help, he didn’t have weapons like jack sampson did, the guy was armed to the teeth! He did however quickly make short work of an I-beam by bending the end into a handle with his bare hands. Knowing he would need protection if he planned on getting up close and personal with whatever these things were he snatched a tire off of a smart car, he also grabbed a few signs and with a few wraps of duct tape he made some armor for himself.

I’ll be writing more once I concept more, all part of the process! Cheers.




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