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Thesis – 5/31/2013

I need to work on my thesis more… Oh, that’s just a mental note and a strong suggestion to myself from.. myself. Anyways, here is the progress on the architect.

I’m concepting what his hard-surface gear is going to be as I go and I think I have a shape i like for his nano-pack but I need to figure out where wires and tubes are going to be flowing for the gun attachment, also how it’s going to harness onto his body.

I have the base for his jacket and pants with some rough sculpts going on right now and I don’t wanna take it much further until I figure out where ammo packs and things of that nature will be. I’m going to force myself to finish all of this during the weekend while I’m finishing up my next miniature for Sword & Board games.

My goal with this sculpt is to have tons of small details and as for the clothing sculpts I’m really going for a less is more approach. I want well formed clothing folds but I don’t want anything over the top complex. Clean, and a lot of pieces. Updates coming soon! Cheers.

Oh, hire me! I want a job!
Thesis Progress


I’ve been completely swamped with the last sculpt I was completing for my miniature’s client and haven’t posted anything, even my thesis work because it’s just seemed as though it was a hassle to not be in Zbrush when I was at my computer. Tomorrow I’m going to spend the morning updating my website with what’s new in my current projects including my miniatures and my slow work towards my new reel. Cheers!

Thesis – 5/18/2013

I skipped out on thesis work because things that I’m currently working on have shorter timelines and as someone trying to beef up his portfolio those scream at me to finish them so I can put them in! I made myself wake up early today and keep working on the base mesh for my first thesis character, I’m getting through it quickly but now I’m slowed down by his unique hard surface “nano-pack” I’m making. Here’s the progress thus far.Mesh ProgressI’m really like the feel of him so far, he’s sturdy looking, and as the medic/tech class I want him to be sturdy but not incredibly beefy looking. I’m leaving that spot to be filled by the Pariah character, he’s a tank. I’m putting away this project for the day and working on a few other things but I think I’ll have more done on this piece tomorrow.



This week has been really productive. I finished the second sculpt for Sword & Board added another character model into my 3D Portfolio, and finished up the semester by doing some critiques of other artist’s final projects. I have to admit I’m a bit disappointed in myself for the amount of work on my thesis this week but I think I’ll make up for that this weekend.

I randomly woke up at 2am this morning and sculpted this, I think I am going to be focusing on anatomy more often because projects as off late haven’t called for much of it at all and I want to learn as much as I possibly can. Made this one out of a sphere and some random reference images I found. This weekend I want to do a few of arms, they are such a complex part of the human body.. Anyways, back to work! Cheers.Torso Speed Sculpt



Lots of big changes are coming up. My girlfriend and I are moving to Philly for 13 weeks and then to California after that! Just going to be freelancing until we get to Cali and networking and so on so that hopefully I can get a job when we reach San Francisco! Anyways, this week I’ve been working on and just finished the second sculpture for Sword & Board games. She’s a female wizard-commander for her army and she looks pretty wicked if I do say so myself! Here she is. ShadowHoldWizard_mViews_Big ShadowHoldWizard_Big


Today’s post is kind of a hybrid thesis and personal work post. I’ve been so busy with finals and attempting to finish up 3 different projects that I haven’t had much time to work on my thesis. Not working consistently is what will kill a long term project so I forced myself to work the other morning, I made a low poly version of my first character’s pants. Not much to look at so I’ll post it up when I finish more low poly, it’s coming along nicely though! very clean.

One of the projects I can show is the first in a very large set of miniatures I am creating for a company. Here is a Shadow Hold troll female warrior!

Troll Multiple ViewsTroll Single View


I’m starting real quickly on the second model, have lots of pieces of armor I can reuse from this gal and I’m super excited to create another 30 or so monsters and people!


Well.. I’ve been away visiting family for the last time before my girlfriend and I take a plunge and move out west to California! I don’t have any work to show right now because of NDA’s I have with some new clients but once things are sorted out I’m going to be extremely excited to show some new work.

On Sunday I should have my new portfolio finished, and updates to my social media around the web where I troll for freelance with pretty pictures of work. That’s about it!

Oh! Thesis work should be back up and running next week so updates with that will be flowing.