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Lots of things are happening over here, I’ve been ABSOLUTELY neglecting my website posts and I blame spring break and lots of work as an excuse. I’m always looking for new clients and just landed two fantastic ones with two very different yet interesting projects. Couldn’t ask for better timing because I’m closing the door on two long term projects in the coming weeks. (I think)

Final renders of hellboy are going up, his game model came out great and I think it’ll be a great portfolio piece. Guess I need to do a few more contests this year to flesh out my character art so I can finally land a job! Hire me by the way! 🙂 Oh! I almost forgot. Hellboy’s turn around and stills will be in my gallery sometime today

Thesis – 3/7/2014

I’m hard at work on many projects at the moment and have 2 new clients that I’ll possibly be working with in the near future for both game assets and miniatures! yay, both worlds! I’m also working as much as I can on my thesis.

I’m taking my time and building up the character and spirit of my first 2 characters right now by going back and forth with professors, polling artists and friends to see what they like and by looking at all different kinds of character art I can find. Below is a shot of my first 2 characters in their current form which is well… messy and all over the place. Armor is blocked out slightly in some spots and other areas just have nothing.

ProgressI’m also working on hair styles to bring the right feel to my first character. He felt like a super buff indian chief last week so I’m polling friends to see what sort of hair they like. Hair Paintovers