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Pretty stoked

Well.. things are finally being finished! Projects that were once looming over my head are now starting to ease off and give me some breathing space! Also finished a personal piece that once finished will be a GREAT portfolio addition. Good weekend!

Rough day for 3D

Worked my ass off today on a personal project and my marmoset toolbag program ran out of it’s trial!!! Now I need to buy it because well.. it’s the beez knees for texturing I would say. live updating in a game engine while you work lets you really get the exact feel for materials you want. I love it! Bye bye 50 bucks 🙁


Tomorrow I tackle a project that is plaguing my mind, the curve face is his name.


Yet another day of freelance ahead of me, hoping to finish off 2 projects today (in an ideal world it would happen without a hitch) We’ll see what happens I guess though.


Job hunt = July?

I think it’s time finally to start thinking about a future involving myself and a game developer so I’m officially starting to piece things together for a demo reel that I will send out late July in hopes of finding a home for myself at a company!

I hope I can keep up my pace with freelance and put aside time to do a few big time characters for my reel. Hopefully much more complex than my knight character I recently made.


Well, I’m not finding school very interesting this semester. I’m getting some practice drawing in charcoal which I guess is always nice. I find it tough to really get depth into these pieces but I’m guessing that’s just my lack of practice with the medium. Maybe I can post up some pieces I’m doing for class later in the semester but I’m honestly more interested in my Freelance. It’s what I wanna do in life and my favorite medium! so… I’ll go work on that instead of school 😛

Cafe Del Sol

Well, my work is piling up now and I’m about to go into over load mode this weekend and next week to really crank out some projects that have been piling up. I’ve learned to loathe and appreciate the complexity of 3D printing and the workflow between it and Zbrush. Always so much to learn and I feel like I’m still lacking behind! Back to work I go!

Freelance clients!

Really excited to have so many freelance clients now, I hope I keep you all happy and we do great work! Also really stoked to get some new work in my portfolio in the next few weeks. Really can’t wait to show stuff I’ve been working on!! But now, it’s time for some delicious beers and some fun. Cheers!