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Dwarf Warrior

Took a break from school/thesis work to work on the dwarves today. I got into Zbrush with new armor for the warrior and this is where I’m at after 5ish hours of sculpting. Dwarf Progress

Dwarf Final Pose

I posed my high res sculpt of the dwarf rifleman tonight, here it is along with the low poly!

Dwarf_Sculpt and game model

Dwarf Work

Well… been a crazy couple of days and I haven’t been posting work I’m doing! here is a new low poly of a dwarf rifleman. Made the blunderbuss all this morning! I’ll eventually do a nice high poly pose of the dwarf but now I have to do homework 🙁 Blunderbuss Low PolyDwarf Low Poly

Game Design Art Test

I will write about this later, I’m so exhausted…Final Renders


Taking a quick break from thesis work because well… it isn’t the most enjoyable thing to me at the moment. That will change once I finish this preliminary work and really get into the meat of the project! Anyways, my first client ever who is the reason I bought Zbrush in the first place asked me to make 5 dwarves for a project.

Here is the base sculpt that will be used in all of the dwarves, each will have a different beard, weapon, and clothes. I started this base mesh yesterday from some sphere, did some retopology and got to sculpting! Now it’s time for some armor…

Cheers! Time to clean and make some valentines dinner for Bridget.Dwarf Sculpt

Thesis Concepting

This blog is going to be absolutely filled with thesis work after I actually begin working on it. Right now I’m prepping for my midpoint review where I pitch my idea to some professors on a panel. I’m currently concepting out the characters which for me is always a struggle. Here is a work in progress of the first, I need to take a break from him and move on to the next.