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The light!

I can see the light at the end of my tunnel… After some SERIOUS freelance work for the past couple of weeks I’m about to finish all of my projects over the weekend. Here is a sculpt I did today, have to do a little girl next and the family is done for one project. The rest is all under NDA but I will have a huge post with 6 characters I’ve made after they are all complete. Cheers! Back to work I go.Kid Sculpt

Freelance Bonanza

Wow, this past week and a half have been a complete whirlwind. I haven’t been able to post any work because I’m been up to my ears in freelance work. I have 4 projects I’m simultaneously working on and some looming on the horizon. I’m still trying to apply to a job here or there but right now I’m taking advantage of this honey hole of freelance and taking care of business.

I’ll be posting up new artwork soon, I don’t have a choice to be honest. My senior thesis pitch is in March and I’m doing some really high quality Zbrush tests to prove my skills and a ton of concept art that’s going to take hours. School starts in February but I’m not really expecting anything amazing coming out of there until late in the semester. Anyways, better get back at it! Cheers.

Tourist group Update 2

Here’s the second tourist for the group I’m creating. It’s the female counterpart to the first guy I made. I’m reusing pants, shoes and arms just by changing colors and such to save some time. Here’s her polypaint and sculpt! The polypaint is faded in this render but I don’t have time to mess around with it.Female Sculpt and Polypaint

Tourist group update 1

Fixed some issues on the sculpt of this guy and did his poly paint this morning. Need to move on! extracting maps and tweaking shaders and onto the next model.

Freelance Sculpt

Freelance work

Here’s the first (almost done, I just noticed a weird spot) model I’m making for a freelance project. They all have similar clothes so this sculpt is going to go a long ways which is nice. Tons more to do so I better get back to it!!

Freelance Sculpt

Sculpts day 11

Today I’m not feeling extremely motivated in any way. I applied to 4 jobs and contacted another recruiter, went grocery shopping and did a sculpture of a friend. I need to find some motivation somewhere! Maybe reading for a while will get the creative juices flowing.

Sculpture day 11

Sculpts day 10

Well, today is day 10 and my sculptures are unfortunately all over the place. I have freelance to do and a job search has just begun so I’ll be splitting my time between like 90 things. I am working on another sculpt but here’s one I did in about 2 hours while drinking some delicious ipa with my favorite, galaxy hops! in side of it. Sculpture day 10ZBrush sculpt day 10

Sculpts, day 9

Here are my sculpts for today, I decided to do some anatomy junk with a skull and then made a sculpture over it. Every time I learn something I feel like I have even more to learn.. it’s a weird feeling but I have to keep sculpting!

Day 9

Sculpts, day 8

Today I’m practicing some new techniques to sculpt so I’m basically just watching digital tutors and sketching along sort of and seeing how different things work. Here’s my first for today.

Sculpt Day 8Here’s my own monster I’m working on after reworking some ways that I sculpt today. I’m only at 300k polys right now and have to keep tweaking and working until I can subdivide and then go crazy with detail with these new work flows. Really excited about these changes to my sculpting. Going to be trying it on some humans tomorrow.

Monster Sculpt 2


And 2 hours later here’s the final piece for today’s experimental sculpt.
Sculpt Day 8_1

Sculpts, day 6

Day 6Here’s my sculpt for day 6! I might do one more but I need to get back to work updating my website!!