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Enceladus Test

Long day of Maya ahead of me

Have to get 3 fully painted assets into my level this week? easy schmeezy. Time to get into Maya

Zombie Pirate

Finished a sculpt that went pretty well today, posing was annoying though.


Finished a quick model for Killgore yesterday, packaged it up today.

Summer Semester done

Well.. summer semester is coming to a close and I have 3 weeks off. I’m making a character for haracter modeling contest to keep myself sharp and maybe win some money. I’ll post up final drawings and where I got my projects to in a little bit once I’m more organized. Files are everywhere!

Module 13

Module 13 through 15 are gonna be tons of work, here’s the update I gave to my class for module 13. Finished the low poly texturing of this character using Xnormal, my new favorite program possibly, Photoshop, and maya. These are renders showing the diffuse, specular and emissive maps at work.

Module 11

Well, here’s a big update folks! I did TONS of work during Module 11 to make up for mistakes I made during 10 on my new game character, and of course drew for many hours and did a few final drawings for class! Here’s static images of my work. I’ll post up my video I make for class soon.
The Model is rendered in Z-Brush where I sculpted all his detail and also decimated his model as I went to keep his poly count down. If I hadn’t decimated as I was working it’d be impossible to have this much detail open in Z-Brush for me and actually this is the most complex project I’ve done inside of the program so far! Lots more work to do though, enjoy!

Module 10

I had a few more drawings this module I’m pleased to share. We were focusing on the building and identification of clothing folds and when they occur. Also tips and tricks to give your fabric thickness which was a big focus for me. I also tried to focus on the amount of tone I allowed myself to lay down on a drawing.

Also, here’s my video from module 9 for game history class.

Module 9 stuff

Tough module for college, working with values and value patterns with vine charcoal.. There’s no control Z with this kind of charcoal and I can barely keep the paper clean. Also made a quick render of a sculpt I did for a freelance trial which I wasn’t awarded, meh.

Module 8 UDK character