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Thesis – 11/19/2014

My thesis is starting to drag on, I see so many amazing personal projects out there and I’m getting extremely jealous of other artists who have time to pursue them. I’m currently working on finalizing the sculpts of my 3 thesis characters and once they are finished this thing is going to take off like a rocket. Using new techniques I’ve developed mixed with the use of Ndo and Ddo I’m going to texture these characters extremely face and in a very fun stylized way.

Freelance is going as well as I expect it to, some days are extremely productive while others I’m sculpting myself into circles. I work on my off days and weekends and attempt to crank out work before I go to Palo Alto each morning. This weekend I was able to start and finish a miniature and it came out pretty well. Check out the Jaded Noble!

Hoping to finish up everyone’s projects in the coming month, sorry for any delays everyone! I’m unfortunately very bogged down at the moment.