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Finished the sculpt of this warrior character today, time to bake it! Needs lots of hair cards so it’s time to get working on the low.


I spent this past week reworking this guy’s sculpt, happier with how it all feels now and I think I can finally finish it and texture it.


Been a long time since I’ve posted on my own website. It’s very easy to get into a groove with your paying work and to not work on your own and I think it’s been detrimental to myself as an artist so I’m trying to remedy it. Starting this week I’ve been putting aside time to work on personal pieces, I have a slew of concepts I want to sculpt and I’m going to force myself to not nitpick things and just create art for the sake of creation.

The sculpt below is a sculpt I will finish later this weekend of a random warrior concept I found. Need to sculpt some more elements, including the cloth, hair, and his hands, also need to refine a little bit of musculature and possibly build him a weapon to hang on his person somewhere. 

10/10/2016 post 2

Well I wasn’t totally happy and still am not with my final results of my first delve into Substance. In this latest shot I massaged the normals, reducing some of the sculpting detail and letting material settings take some of the burden. Also simplified the metal, added in color variations to the cloth and changed it’s roughness/normals.



This week I really quickly decided to dive into Substance designer and painter. Learned the basics of making materials in substance designer then dove into painter. After watching some intro tutorials I decided to texture the knight I had sculpted the previous week. Since the piece started as a stylized sculpt I definitely had to fight some of the choices I made while sculpting him. Didn’t have much time but here’s the result of me practicing new software!

Substance Painter Practice


Progress for today, more work on armor etc etc, lots of pieces now I think I need to start retopology and take a quick break from this sculpting then hit back the areas I dislike after a day or two. Back to work I go!ZBrush Document


Well last week was a whirlwind of work. I rendered as many of my Artillery pieces as I could before going insane with how repetitive the work was. Tweaked my other galleries, removing the oldest of my work, updated all my of resumes, and built an “About Me” section of my website so people could have a little preview of who I am.

This week I’m about to start applying to every job in the bay area and sculpting on personal projects.

ZBrush Document


Wow, I think I’m done messing with my Artillery work! I know I have more I could polish and work on but you have to know when you move forward. Stoked with how my site looks now and it’s time to go apply to tons of jobs and work on my personal project as fast as I can! Onward!


Well, halfway through my first unemployed week from Artillery and I can’t really say that I’m less busy than when I was working there! I’m rendering, tweaking and improving all the work I did there for my portfolio. Rendering, re-rendering, deleting, thinking… and repeating that process.

My brain is feeling a bit melty to be honest but the faster I get done with this hand painted stuff, the quicker I can get on with my personal project where I can really push my sculpting -> texturing process to the next level. Check out the portfolio! 16 new pieces (that will keep changing) so far!


So this week I’m processing my Artillery work and prepping for my next job hunt, it’s bitter sweet but also exciting because it feels as though I’m putting the final touches on all of my work there and I can finally move on. Since our start up moved so fast I was reworking these pieces a lot over the course of time I was there and having closure on that will really allow me to focus on my new personal project.

Pretty stoked at the result I’m getting for all of these hand painted character sheets. Still have quite a few more to do and then it’s time to prune my portfolio a bit so I’m not blasting people with 100 pieces of art!


Job hunt starts as soon as this stuff is all ready to go, my resume and contacts are all updated and it’s almost time to see where I can make my next home! Back to work I go!