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It’s been a while since I’ve job hunted. My reel is updated, my 3D portfolio is looking great and I think it’s time to try to find my first job yet again. Wish me luck!


New Sword & Board sculpts! The elf came out so freakin’ well and the pose took me forever to get the right weight on his feet. I also began making details a bit larger like eyes… hair strands.. and any bolts/rivet looking things. The dwarf throwing up the horns came out really well too but he was an easy sculpt for some reason (I have a strange affinity for/with dwarves as you might know based on my 3d portfolio)

Mining Guild Elf

Mining Guild Dwarf

Thesis – 10/19/2013

I wish I had more time to make blog posts! Ok, that’s off my chest now it’s time to write this one now that I have a bit of time. I’ve been incredibly busy with a surge of unexpected projects and new clients, a wedding, and with school starting back up. Oh and don’t forget the fact that I moved to San Francisco about 3 months ago now and the city is phenomenal!

My thesis is behind where I expected it to be at this point which is disconcerting but I missed out on taking summer classes because of the move so I really need to rework my timeline and add in another… 6 months or so. Regardless of that I am trying to really push and finish the first character of the 3 I need to complete. He’s evolving into something really fun, and with the “final” ideas I wrote down after I woke up last night randomly I think hes going to be well.. AWESOME! haha.

Here’s an updated render from this week’s work. I’ve resculpted all his clothing multiple times, and really changed who and what he is in the theoretical video game I’m creating him for. I think that’s a downside to not having a concept artist and a game designer telling me what to make, I kind of stare at it for hours and change my mind about things all the time.

He’s turning into a versatile fighter who will be maneuvered around the battlefield by the Pariah, my hulking steroid/mutation ridden soldier. He can throw him up onto vantage points, spin him around, whip him in the air to shoot downward on enemies with a barrage of bullets even. His pack has handles I designed and you can imagine a robot arm grabbing a handle, spinning, and hurling him into battle. Kind of fun I think! I wanted to make 90’s arcade shoot ’em up/ top down shooter feeling characters and really just have fun with this. I’m trying to push the fun aspect on him right now so we’ll see where he ends up in a week or so I guess!

Architect Progress