Thesis – 5/18/2013

I skipped out on thesis work because things that I’m currently working on have shorter timelines and as someone trying to beef up his portfolio those scream at me to finish them so I can put them in! I made myself wake up early today and keep working on the base mesh for my first thesis character, I’m getting through it quickly but now I’m slowed down by his unique hard surface “nano-pack” I’m making. Here’s the progress thus far.Mesh ProgressI’m really like the feel of him so far, he’s sturdy looking, and as the medic/tech class I want him to be sturdy but not incredibly beefy looking. I’m leaving that spot to be filled by the Pariah character, he’s a tank. I’m putting away this project for the day and working on a few other things but I think I’ll have more done on this piece tomorrow.


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