Thesis – 4/24/2014

I have to admit I’ve been all but absent on my own website as of late. I’ve been very busy and can’t seem to bring myself to write about my work. Unfortunately I have some time today and tomorrow to reflect on my recent work because my Tablet broke. I have another on rush order but I’m assuming tomorrow will be a Zbrush free day -shakes uncontrollably-

So Jack Sampson, my first thesis character is coming along. While detailing all over and building up his character I’m developing who he is. There is a large back and forth process with this method, I would much rather have very detailed character information to work from but hey, whatcha gonna do?

(Some spots on him have detail, others have almost zilch. Soon he’ll be SLAMMED with detail)

Jack Sampson Update


The last thing I did this morning before my tablet died was the final base shape for his shotgun that’ll be holstered to his hip soon. It’s lacking all of the interesting things as of now, here’s the thing that killed my tablet. RIP Mr. Drawey.

ShotgunBubba has been changing over the past few weeks as well. I’m shrinking some aspects of him to make other seem much larger. A large” update for him will be coming soon. God I hate myself.

Bubba Hendricks



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