Today was the final day for my side project, I’ve been waiting for revisions from clients, not even sure who is getting my emails anymore because of weird internet issues I’m having. I started this guy because I wasn’t feeling very confident in 3D so I wanted to do a quick project from start to finish and have a new game model. Here’s the final asset from marmoset toolbag! Then below that is the polypainted version, and the final Zbrush model!

Holy shit I just realized I cut off one of his feet when I was drawing a useless border around the renders. Intelligent Justin… very intelligent…


Below is the concept art I found that I based this piece off of. I think it came out pretty well for just rushing right along and completing it in 6 half days of work. Now to get back to my thesis… modeling a FNscar isn’t really fun, but I need to make one to move to the next part of my thesis.



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