Wow.. What a whirlwind.. I’m now in San Francisco with my girlfriend and after travelling across the country for 6 days and seeing more of the US than I thought I would this year (or any year for that matter) we’re finally falling back into a routine. I’m behind on client work because of a SSD failure literally 2 days before we set out on the road but as of this morning I’m almost caught up.

I haven’t been posting recently for obvious reasons but I’m here to change that! I’m devising a plan to begin putting out resumes and networking here in San Fran for full-time work after we’re a bit more settled and just trying to crank out work for my clients as quickly as possible.

My thesis has taken a bit of a hit from being on the road and just from the unrest being in different places can cause to your art workflow but I’m attempting to get that back on track as well. I’ve been spending a bit of time each night tweaking and modifying my first character and this weekend while Bridget is away back east at her sister’s bridal shower I’m going to model his weapons.

I did manage to resculpt a piece I lost that was 90% done when my SSD crashed, here it is! It’s also in my gallery, my latest piece for Sword & Board games. Oh! I’m trying out new software for my renders, keyshot 3! I’m still learning but the results speak for themselves I think.

Shadow Hold Archer

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