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Rapid Modeling/freelance work for a client. Got behind on this one and now I did all of this in one morning. Could be better but there’s no time!!
Now it’s time for rigging/blendshapes/facial animation rig as quick as I can.

Action Figures!

Today I finally finished my first fully articulated action figure for freelance with Neal Deconte and his company. Check out his website! I separated my most complex sculpt ever into arms, legs, joints, and other things of that nature. Took about 5 hours and crashed my entire computer 3 times due to the complexity of the piece. I’m all done now and it feels great!!

Now I need to work on other freelance I have at the moment that I’m drastically far behind on. Time to pray to the 3d gods to grant me speed and accuracy in my work! Hah.

School Finals

Summer semester is donezo! I made my final character sheets that I think are definitely up to par, wrote a 4 page paper about how some of my art was considered propaganda in China and was cut from a parade it was going to be used in.

I just finished up a sculpture of my first fully articulated action figure and I’m working on some other freelance and some really really exciting stuff soon, too! Now that school is done I’m going to start my demo reel, resume, and portfolio so I can hopefully land a job up in Boston! The promise land… haha. Cheers!!

Thursday work day

School is almost over this summer (stoked) and freelance is great like always. This piece is going to be a portfolio piece as well as a freelance project. Here’s a low poly based on someone else’s design they had me create. High poly will probably be made tomorrow/tonight.