Ram Warrior Update

Since I’m posting this in 2 blogs now I should describe what this project is. I wanted to add a new sculpture created and designed by myself into my portfolio. This is what I work on when I want a break from freelance and from game design pieces that I’m reworking for my portfolio at the moment.

It is a warrior who is based around a ram (the animal) His strong traits if we were in a video game, which is how I try to design characters is a very solid base, and strong defense. Rams characteristically are hearty animals who won’t fight unless provoked, and then charge violently and relentlessly. That was my inspiration for this piece.

Right now I’m reworking pieces I sculpted a few days ago to remove a few rams from him, it was a bit to much so I’m trying to change the focus around on him right now. In the end he’ll have maybe 3 more rams on him, including on large one on his right greave, his weapon, and possibly his shield.

This is a small update on my ram warrior… (I’ve been working on this for about a week and a half in my spare time for those who are learning about this project for the first time) I’m removing some of the ram sculptures that are on his armor like his spaulders because I decided his big shield is going to have a ram insignia on it too. Reworking the helmet at the moment as well.

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