Ram Warrior Rework

Well, I’ve completely reworked an idea I had before I began my heavy work on the elf warrior sculpture. It originally was going to be a very very heavily armored figure for my demo reel that I’m working on but when thinking about showcasing my skills I wanted to go a route that would really show them all in one piece.

How would I go about doing that? Simply create a character that has metal armor, cloth armor, leather, and exposed skin! Then I can show all different modeling and texturing techniques instead of just a ton of metal. My rework turns him into a lighter more agile looking warrior but his lower half is still going to be huge and bulky. I want to make him feel really grounded because of the size of the weapon I’ll be creating.

Here is I guess my first post of the rework. At this point I’m adding in pieces one by one and making sure their topology is correct from the get go. Any piece that is sculpted on and clean looking is already in low poly form in my maya file for him, the rest has to be created and sculpted. My eyes are fried for today so I’m calling it quits!


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