Ram Warrior Update 2

I went through some troubles during my on the fly design of this character, mainly in his lower legs. I lost a bunch of mobility because of an initial design and I’m still trying to make the greaves I have sculpted work. I might end up redoing them but this will save me some time if I can find a way to make them work.

To help them work better in the model I shortened up the bottoms, added in a plate beneath it for flexing and bending the foot and then tacked it into his leg with some straps in the back. I simplified his pants to keep materials more clear when I am texturing which is a goal for this piece.

I began adding in small spikes around him for a bit of an aggressive look. Not sure if I like it but I’m rolling with it for now.

Also today I began concepting weapons, he feels more agile with this armor than the last set so I turned his mace idea into a really heavy looking spear/halbred. It’s a ram’s skull that will be wrapped against a shaft with a blade protruding from the head which is also wrapped. This is my second weapon concept for this guy and as of now I’m still rolling with it. We’ll see what happens, stuff changes every day for this guy.

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