Weekly Update

Well, this week I’m kind of all over. I’m finishing up my resume and references for my new job search and I’m also working on all sorts of homework and starting up a new freelance model. I’ll probably get to that tomorrow morning, my eyes are a bit meltey right now from sculpting.

Anyways! Today I was working on my ecorche model and my new general model, both in Z-brush. Getting confused in anatomy when you turn corners around the figure, like from front to side so I keep resculpting over and over. Eventually I’ll get it.

Also just worked on the general’s face a tad by starting to define where muscles are pulling and fleshing out a few areas. On top of that I did more work on his cloth. I wanna finish this piece completely by the end of next weekend I would say.

Oh! I’ll also be updating my entire game design section once I finish my render layers for my demo reel. Excited about that as well! They are much more polished than what’s there now.

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