Sunday Updates

This week was sort of a busy one, I’m still in the process of finishing my resume, starting to do final renders for my demo reel, finishing up the semester in school and as always freelance is taking up some time.

I’m 100% ready to start final renders of my characters for my demo reel after many many many tweaks to my render process including texture tweaks, render layers, and lighting rigs. That will actually start tonight! So I’m excited about that.

I’ve been painting on my new character after I solved his weird shoe UV issue which ended up being kind of interesting because I taught myself a new workflow between Zbrush and Maya that I’m gonna be using for this guy. Here are 2 videos of my painting on him for his texture maps, I wanted to record the process so I can analyze it and see where I can improve on speed and/or method.
First is part one, this was right after I had blocked in the main colors.

Part 2 I got a bit more detailed but I actually wasted time painting his face and then realized that I strayed too far from my color scheme so I’m redoing it today.

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