School work

Today for school I melted my brain writing up focus design documents for my thesis midpoint presentation. It’s essentially documents describing how I’m going to get from point A “here” to point B “the presentation” and I’m a bit confused about most of the process, this is one spot where I’m really disliking the online setup. I need a teacher to let me babble and jot notes down while talking to.

Anyways, also this morning I had Ecorche to sculpt and my Dino to work on. Here’s what I did! I reduced the size of most of my ecorche guy’s muscles based on professor critique and tried to soften him up. I need to do more, but right now I don’t have the time.

On my stego I kept adding detail, musculature, and pulled skin. I also created inserts for his plates and put more detail into his face, making him older and wrinkly.


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