Current projects update

This week has truly been a roller coaster for a lot of reasons. My personal work took a huge dive Monday and Tuesday and it felt as though I would never get over the technical hurdle I had created for myself without knowing it. Both days were spent almost entirely attempting to export maps and trouble shoot issues that were causing effects as severe as computer crashes. I’m assuming they were happening because of memory running out and after many many frustrated attempts I managed to get all of the information out of Zbrush I needed for the next step in the creation of my latest character.

I spent Wednesday working on a bit of freelance, rendering for my demo reel, which is about 15% complete now and will quickly be finished and the rest of the week I spent doing the same but also painting final details on my new character. Here is a render from Maya of the 5.6k poly model with his base textures on, they all need tweaking and editing to finalize them but right now I’m really really excited about the direction this guy is going. He’s my final piece for my portfolio and I’m tremendously excited to show him off.

There are obvious issues and I want to tighten the detail all over him  over the next few days. Besides my own projects, school is drawing to a close and I’m spending more and more time planning out my thesis project for a mid-point review where we have to pitch our ideas to a panel. The idea doesn’t make me too nervous, I know I’m talented and dedicated to my craft and it will show up in my presentation, so for now I better get to work on some freelance!! Cheers.

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