Today has been a bit of a bust as far as art goes! I’m waiting on go ahead’s from some clients and  I  couldn’t be less interested in my classes at the moment. Normally I’m striving to get A’s each week but something is just.. off right now. There are a lot of HUGE changes on the horizon for myself and my girlfriend maybe that’s the reason. Or maybe it’s just gorgeous outside and I wanna be on my bike all the time. The possibilities are endless as to why I’m not focused on school work I suppose.

I’ve started on my thesis, the first piece is the architect which is my.. nerdy/techy character. I sculpted his torso musculature for a client who wanted a generic, decently fit good-looking male! Sneaky eh? So now that’s partially done. I think I might work on that a bit more this week and finish his face which had to be changed due to.. him looking hung over and slightly like a cave man! Oops. I also made some changes to my portfolio and need to finish rendering out a few more pieces. Cheers!

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