This weekend was a huge weekend, it wasn’t a weekend full of client work but Bridget and I took care of some serious stuff that we’ve been putting off. We have our moving plans for California almost all done and now we’re just finding an apartment and the rest is all set! Around that time finishing client work will be hard but I’m going to minimize my downtime the best I can and keep everyone’s work cranking out!

I cut a new reel this weekend, My old reel is so dated already and although this new reel has more Zbrush sculpts than anything I think it’s a big improvement. I’m hoping people will see it and check out more of my charcater models and props here on the website. I was hesitant to make the reel very long, so it’s under 2 minutes, it’s 1:30~

I’ll post the link here when it’s done uploading, and for the rest of the week I’m officially busting ass 2 finish 2 separate projects for 2 different clients. Hope I stay sane! Cheers.

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