Thesis – 8/6/2013

Time is flying, I’m still trying to get acclimated to all the changes in my life over the past month and at the same time dealing with all kinds of hardships in my art. I suppose it’s just self doubt and the fact that as an artist you can only do so many things at once, it takes time to complete each piece and to improve and it’s a hard wait.

My thesis is coming along, as well as many other projects and I hope to have some good updates soon. I suppose right now I’ll take some time to polish up a few things on my current thesis character and pop a render up here because I’d like to look back at the end and see my process and check for weak areas.

I don’t have any real rhyme or reason while working on this thesis character. I’m trying to build him up all over evenly by adding layer after layer of detail and smaller pieces. Thesis 8/6/2013

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