Thesis – 12/27/2013

I’m trying to focus on my thesis for a week or two and really hammer out this first character. Iv’e learned so much in this process already and almost completely redone this character once already. I decided it’s time to press forward and get his game model done because I still have so much to do and getting caught at the last minute is not an option.

Without decals and extra wear/tear below is a textured version of my character’s torso. His normals came out great, I redid a few things in his topology to give his silhouette more detail. Things I added were his straps on the chest, buttons on his collar pad, and a bit more information around his belt buckle so from a 3/4th view you can see it protruding out.

Right now I’m working on his leg topology and it’s pretty rough going. He has a huge knee pad that I’m torn about how I want to handle. I really don’t want more polygon pieces hanging around than absolutely necessary but if today’s tests don’t look good I’m going to be separating his kneepad from his leg and possibly his boot (I would truly hate to remove the boot, it feels like a defeat)


my test is below, I’m going to burn some occlusion,colors, and do a bit of processing using DDO, NDO, and some textures I have laying around and see how the low poly looks with some maps on it besides normals.Architect_Update1.1

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