This year has been probably one of the biggest of my life, I think I’m going to take a step back and write a bit about what happened this past year to preserve the memories a bit.

I began freelancing full time this year and picked up a really important client to me. Sword & Board took a chance on me and I took a chance with deadlines I promised. I learned to sculpt miniatures more efficiently than I imagined I ever would and now I can crank them out with accuracy and efficiency. 2 factions were created so far for a game totaling 14 models. The second faction, the mining guild was a huge accomplishment for me, they are stylized and filled with life. I couldn’t be happier with the response I’ve gotten for these sculptures. Throughout 2013 I actually made a total of 48 models, I think that’s quite an accomplishment personally, I wonder how fast I’ll get in 2014!

Mining Guild

What else.. what else.. Oh, how about the fact that I drove across the country with my high school sweet heart on a journey for a more exciting life than the mediocre living we felt we were doing in Hagerstown. No offense to small town charm but we seem to thrive in a big city and feed off it’s energy. San Francisco is beautiful, the people are great, and the opportunities aren’t so few and far in between as Hagerstown.

We just went for it, with metal on the stereo and wanderlust in our hearts we blasted through the US. I reflect back on the trip frequently actually, the sights we saw were just breathtaking. From the east side of the Rockies that were beautifully rich with vegetation (I was surprised about that, never pictured that to be honest.)┬áto the arid, terrifyingly quiet deserts of Utah, and of course the grand canyon which was the most silent place I’ve ever seen. So strange how sound just seemed to go into that bottomless pit and never come out again. We also almost drove into the damn canyon at night trying to get to our hotel! Terrifying after a 15 hour drive and getting lost at the biggest hole in the world in pitch black with “WARNING: PANTHERS AND GIANT HOLES” signs all over the twisty road.

We finally made it to Cali, drove up north to our new home and started settling in! We’re still trying to figure it all out, there’s a whole lot out here and it’s a bit overwhelming. Also the fact that the rent is about 10000% higher than Hagerstown is always interesting! Just another layer to the onion that is San Francisco. Each layer is weird or new or fantastic or scary but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I suppose I should get my lazy ass back to work and deliver some miniatures to clients, eh? Cheers.









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